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Get ready to get just like Marie Antoinette: the structure of Versailles welcomes an excellent. And unlike the baroque taste of the queen, this celebration is definitely profitable. Fans of French digital music can access "Versailles Electro", thanks to which a small group Mirrors Control Chemical of Disc jockeys will work in the famous corridor of decorative mirrors of the palace. The landscaped backyards that adjoin the hallway will likely be transformed into a huge dance floor for guests. The celebration is partly animated by Disc jockey and ex-boss of the rock Stupid Punk, Occupied G, and by the reportage brand Erectile dysfunction Banger Documents. The brand occupies a prominent place in French electronics, and can bring members Breakbot x Irfane, Myd and So Me. Visitors can also evaluate their know-how with a number of very important personal passes. The highest price, at the price of 160 pounds, guarantees the use of a non-public lounge, unlimited food, as well as a pair of champagne. Why not? There is no better place to go than Versailles. What would Louis XIV consider using his Xanadu in this way? He would participate, according to the planners of the event. "This eternal evening is part of the convention of Versailles during the first celebrations of the reign of the Sun King and also addresses Versailles, support of the French electronica," explained the trainer, for each depressed Earth. If Sofia Coppola's interpretation of Marie-Antionette's late queen was almost everything to begin with, she would have been involved too. The case will take place on Sunday, June 21, 2019.

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The Glasgow Film Festival is a yearly film celebration situated in Glasgow, Scotland. The celebration started in 2005. By 2015, the celebration had seen group of onlookers figures top 40,000 for two back to back years.



2008's celebration occurred between 14–24 February and the program included selective debuts and additionally a Bette Davis review.


2010's celebration occurred between 18–28 February. The opening affair highlighted Jean-Pierre Jeunet's most recent film, Micmacs with the executive there to exhibit the film. Different visitors included Peter Mullan, James Earl Jones and the thrown of Scottish great, Gregory's Girl. Oscar designated Crazy Heart was likewise appeared, preceding the general discharge date. Likewise incorporated a Cary Grant review.


With the celebration enduring 11 days from February 18 to March 1, affirmation figures topped 40,000.


2016's celebration highlighted 174 element movies including 60 UK debuts. Confirmations achieved 42,000. The Audience Award was won by Deniz Gamze Ergüven's.


2017 saw the celebration achieve more than 40,000 confirmations for the fourth sequential year. Including 65 UK debuts, program highlights included Elle, I Am Not Your Negro, Free Fire and a screening of John Carpenter's The Thing on an indoor ski slope. Empire Magazine displayed an uncommon screening of The Lost Boys as a mystery location. The Audience Award was won by Alankrita Shrivastava'.


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Glasgow silver screen to have American film celebration

A Glasgow silver screen will reveal the stars and stripes for a month-long tribute to American Independence Day. ...

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Two day frightfulness celebration touches base in Glasgow.

Glasgow based autonomous frightfulness specialists Popcorn Horror​ are bringing the alarms of universal awfulness celebrations to Scotland this Halloween. The group uncovered plans for a two day awfulness celebration and tradition to happen in The Classic Grand​ this November 4 and 5..

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Expressions News: Stanley Clarke comes back to Glasgow;

ONE of the world's driving bass guitarists, Stanley Clarke conveys his band to St Luke's, Glasgow on Monday, July 24. It will be the Philadelphia-conceived performer's...

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Film financing honor will make dementia neighborly silver screen groups in Scotland

Glasgow Film Theater has been granted £100,000 and will offer month to month...

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